Soy, Lime & Sweet Chilli Chicken

Up to the plate steps Head Chef Rob for this classic Saturday night FAKEAWAY recipe. Its pretty good……ok its incredible. Just don’t tell him I said that. This beauty requires a few pans but its worth work – TRUST ME

  • Carbs
  • 598
  • Protein
  • 41g
  • Carbs
  • 70g
  • Fat
  • 15g per serving

This week we went to Tesco, this dish costs around £4.84 per portion. Winner

300g chicken breast – £1.75

15 g flour £0.01

30 g sweet chilli sauce £0.24

16g. Light soy sauce £0.03

10g sesame oil £0.03

1 lime zest and juice £0.30

10g ginger £0.03

10 g garlic £0.02

250 g vermicelli noodles £1.04

60g pepper £0.55

60 g tenderstem broccoli £0.54

20g carrot £0.10

30 g spring onion £0.15

14g veg oil £0.08

-Slice the chicken into thin strips (1cm each)

-Flour the chicken and set aside for 5 minutes

-On a separate or clean board chop the veg finely to create your stir fry.

-While that is happening heat a pan on the hob and splash in the oil

-Once hot begin to fry the chicken until crisp (6 minutes max – place the chicken on a tray with a cloth to remove the excess oil when done

-At the same time mix together the sweet chilli, soy and lime (juice and zest), mix and set aside for glazing later

-Half way through cooking the chicken place your noodles in a pan of boiling water-cook for 3 mins

-At the same time cook the vegetables in a wok for 3 minutes

-Place the noodles in the wok with the vegetables and mix through

-In bowls place the noodles and vegetables

-Place the chicken on top and glaze with the sweet chilli mix

-Finish with sesame seeds and LOVE

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